Why Hire A Beauty Team

What do you think about when you hear hair? Or makeup? Do you think of it as a skill? Do you think of it as an art? Something easy to do? Something you can do yourself? Something that doesn’t require much?

Most people fall under the category of it is something you can get done, but isn’t necessary. And to a certain extent that is true. For the average woman, and speaking for myself, you don’t have to get your makeup and hair done every single day. It shouldn’t be a must. But, when the time comes for you to get your hair and makeup done, how do you know who to choose and why?

When it comes to beauty and the art of beauty, there is something more than just getting your makeup done or your hair done. For starters, there has to be some level of education. For example with hair: you need to know hair structure, weight, whether it curls well or not, what products to use to prep, and what products to use to style. Same goes for makeup. With makeup, the artist needs to have some level of education. Some understanding of aesthetics. Is the face smooth, bumpy, is it oily, is it dry. Shape of the face, shape of the eyes and based on all of that, create a look that enhances that person’s best features. It isn’t just about adding eye shadow or foundation all over the face. Anyone can do that. It is about making every single individual look their absolute best. I have worked with so many women, and I can honestly say that I create looks that are unique to each woman, even when I get 100 women asking me for the same Pinterest smokey eye. It’s about utilizing their own features to enhance her individual beauty.

I pride myself in making you photo ready! What does that mean? Photo ready makeup is makeup that can be seen flawlessly through a lens. It is created to look beautiful without any Photoshop or editing of the picture. It is designed to last throughout the day. Same goes with hair. A person that knows how to create a hairstyle well, will create a style that fits your face, fits your hair structure and will enhance your overall look.

So why the price? Because the art of creating a look and the art of styling a hair requires skill, education, talent, passion, time and perfectionism. For starters, education, requires money and then the reoccurring of workshops, trade-shows, classes etc require money. Secondly, the use of proper, top name brand products that are not harmful to you or your body, cost money. Anyone can buy a $10 drugstore makeup line, but that doesn’t mean it is good for you or your skin nor does it mean it’ll make you photo ready. Lastly, because it is a service. A talented artist with the ability to make you and all your bridal party look amazing requires skill and they should be paid for their service.

So, yes, you can go with the person who charges less, but what are you getting in return? Is it worth it? I guess, it is up to each individual. For me, I prioritize what is important and I know for one, hair and makeup are incredibly valuable when getting those pictures taken and on any special occasion.

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