What's my look?!

Our clients ask us daily what looks are best? Is it glam, is it natural?  BT waves, soft waves, an updo etc.?  You look at magazines, online pictures, Youtube and you can find any look you desire. What's in?

Really, anything!

Sometimes our clients have a look in mind and will bring pictures of their desired hair and makeup. Their heart is set, they know what they want! Other times, they only have a faint idea. At times, pictures will be shown to us and someone will say "I want a natural look," but to us, the artist, it may be a ton of makeup or big, voluminous hair. That's the beauty of having a professional during special events because, we can help you understand hair and makeup styles and how they show up on camera.

When we have a client, we take the time to really get to know them. In our emails, trials, calls etc. we ask a million questions so we can find out exactly what you want or what your desires are. Whether it's a bride, a company, a brand, these questions enable us to have a clearer understanding of what our clients are looking for. So, what are these questions you ask?

For our clients, we ask for portfolios, pictures, mood boards etc to get an idea of what the concept is. If you're a bride and a trial is possible, we dedicate one to two hours discussing your hair and skin type, your concerns, your needs, your face shape and so much more! The beauty of a trial is we get to apply and try different looks without the pressures of the wedding day. If you have a photographer that uses a lot of light exposure, then we will most likely apply more makeup on you so that it will show in your pictures. This doesn't mean it'll look "cakey" it just means you'll have enough pigment for it to show through. If they use warmer tones, than we may do a softer look. With hair, we look at your texture, and how it holds curls etc. So, that we may use the appropriate products for your day. We may use a customized tinted moisturizer so that your beautiful freckles show or we may give you a beautiful full coverage look to hide any imperfections.

When all is said and done you decide what look you want. Understanding hair and makeup is our job and it is our job to share that wealth of knowledge with you. What you want to look like on the day of your wedding is entirely up to you, however, we can give advice, suggestions, even encouragement. Most importantly we want you to FEEL your very best, no matter what you decide. So, take charge, don't worry too much about what others think and see, otherwise you'll get thousands of different options, none of them yours. There's no need to feel overwhelmed or worried. Leave it up to the professionals, talk to your artists, and know that you are in good hands!

Photo Credits: First: Patricia De La Rosa, Los Angeles, CA Second: Loie Photography, Los Angeles, CA

Collage in order: Sturntinephotography, Courtney Aaron Photography, Woodmancy Photography, Woodmancy Photography, Alyssa Poland Photography

Artists in photos: Hair: Annie, Tara Makeup: Nancy, Liz w/ #nancyriceartistry

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