Week 2 of 10 Tips for Bride

This week’s blog is all about hair! Hair style, hair care, hair everything! And of course for it, I had to get the one and only Meko Sugaya’s tips and tricks because she truly is amazing! Meko not only does my hair personally, but she also takes care of all my brides! She’s my top hairstylist and we love her so much. With that said, let’s share a little about her!

Meko was born and raised in Reno, NV. She is the fruit of a hairstyling mama and began her drive and passion at a very young age. Meko has been doing hair for 5 years now, and is considered the “braid queen” and I would agree! She absolutely has mastered the skill of braiding and creating unique looks with all types of hair. You can find her work and follow her on instagram

So here are a few of her tips for great hair the day of your wedding and/or any day really! Of course, I’ve added comments.

Tips for your trial run/day of tips:

  • Wear a white shirt. Why you ask? Well it’s the best way to simulate the day of your wedding and it gives you a fresh look.

  • Please arrive with clean, dry hair. Clean, dry hair is easy to work with, can be dirtied if necessary and it allows for movement and flexibility without looking shiny and dirty.This is both true for the trial and day of the wedding!

  • Bring your veil, headpiece and/or hair jewelry if possible. Bringing these items will allow you to truly see the entire style come together and ensure that on your day everything flows smoothly.

  • Send pictures ahead of time of looks you like and some that you DO NOT like. A no brainer, gives the artist a visual, gets their creative juices flowing, helps them to ensure they have the proper tools/materials and helps them to see what you’re thinking of.

  • Allow an hour for hair and have the same color and haircut that you will have on your wedding day - this gives you the most accurate picture of what you will look like on your special day.

  • Be sure to wear a button down shirt or a shirt that is easily removable when you are changing into your formal wear. You don’t want to get that beauty hair and makeup messed up by changing out of your outfit. It’ll just make everyone unhappy.

  • Brides: please don’t forget your veil, head piece, jewelry, flowers, etc that we will need to incorporate into your wedding day look. Best thing about our team is that we don’t charge extra to apply these items on you!

Tips for hair love:

  • Don’t wash your hair everyday. It strips your hair of its natural oils and health. Meko’s loves Dual Senses by Goldwell. It's an extra rich color shampoo/conditioner!

  • Find a great leave-in conditioner. It protects your hair from styling tools and exposure to the elements. Her go to is Goldwell's Dual Senses Rich Repair.

  • And if you'd like to create some beautiful texture on your hair, Meko loves Playable Texture by KMS. Gives you a great feel, lets you create a great style anytime you want.

And again, these tips can be applied to any trial, wedding day and/or anytime you get your hair done. Have some comments or questions?! Don’t forget to love this post and share. We love to hear from you!

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