Week 1 of 10 Tips for Bride

As promised, in the next couple weeks, I will be sharing some amazing tips from elite artists including makeup artists, hair stylists, estheticians, photographers and so much more. With that said, this week, I would love to introduce to you the amazing, talented and beautiful makeup artist, Shannon Pulley.

Shannon is originally from Reno, but has lived in New York for the last 14 years. There, she found her passion and drive for makeup artistry and created an outstanding portfolio. Go check it out at: www.shannonpulley.com

She is now back in Reno and working vigorously at establishing herself here. So, love her work, hire her for anything beauty.

I had the opportunity to see Shannon this week, and I had her work hard on creating a list of 10 tips for you beautiful people. Without any further delay here's the list with my added comments:

1. Treat lips with lots of lip balm prior to wedding date. YES YES YES! I cannot agree more with Shannon on this. Lips are so essential and chapped lips are just not pretty. They crack, bleed through any lip color and well no one wants to kiss unrefined lips. My favorite go to moisturizing brand is Smith's Strawberry Lip Balm.

2. All face treatments should be done 1 month before wedding to allow any breakouts or skin reactions to heal before wedding date. Yes. Facials, and skin treatments are obviously amazing for you, but definitely do not do them near your big day! You don't want to look like a swollen tomato on your day (like I did on my 30th bday! SMH)

3. Wax lip, eyebrows, etc... at least 3 days prior for same reason. Yes! And if you don't like waxing, tell your artist and she/he can easily groom and tweeze your brows the day of for an extra charge.

4. Use a primer to achieve long lasting wear for your makeup. Your artist should use primer all over your face and eye primer for long lasting results. But, you too, can purchase a great primer, so that your makeup can last throughout the day and application can be applied evenly. My current favorite primers are Lorac Porefection Mattifying Primer for oily skin.

For combination skin, I love Jane Iredale's Smooth Affair Primer and Brightner. Also found on Amazon. You can also find her oil free primer. It's ALL amazing.

5. Choose a lip stain over a lipstick for longevity and transfer proof color. Yes! I love using Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick. They're matte, smudge proof and long lasting.

6. Get good rest. Yes! In reality, rest is good, anytime. If you keep yourself hydrated and give your body the rest it needs, your skin will look and feel great.

7. If eyes start to water, breath deeply in through the nose & out through the mouth to stop tears from forming. I also like to use a cotton swab in the corner of the eyes. This gathers any tears that come out, stops the tearing of the eyes and prevents the makeup from being tampered with.

8. Carry tissue for any tears during the reception/ceremony. Pretty self explanatory

9. Have a concealer on hand for touch ups from tears and tiredness. Yes! I use a 24 hour concealer from smashbox

Perfect for that all day wear!

But, a regular concealer will also work!

10. Spray face with a toner to freshen up makeup on your way to reception and throughout the night. Toners are amazing and can make you feel alive, reboost energy and make your skin look flawless. One of my faves, Rose Hydrating Mist by Herbivore

And although these tips are intended for brides and bridesmaids, any woman, really, can benefit from them. Take what you like, leave out the rest, and enjoy your day! Thanks for tuning in. If you like this post and/or have any great tips to share of your own, hit like and comment below. I'd love to hear from you.

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