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Here it is!!!! More tips for you! In today's blog, we will be discussing skin care. So I thought, what better person to offer amazing advice, but the one and only Genevieve Sanders. Seriously, she has so many helpful tips that you're going to want to write it down! But, before we go there, let me introduce Genevieve.

Genevieve Sanders became a licensed Esthetician in 2003. She worked for various spas and companies including a San Francisco plastic surgeon, various spas in California and, taught in the Esthetics department in a cosmetology school in Southern California. Her dream came true when she opened her first spa in 2008. She was a sole proprietor of Faces Skin Studio in Berkeley for 9 years until she relocated with her family to Gardnerville, NV. Currently you can find Genevieve for all your skincare needs at Face Skin Studio.

Genevieve is my go to for eyebrows, facials, and anything skin related.

Now, if you want that flawless skin for your wedding day, then skin care is your primary concern. Once you have established a great skincare regime you can then have a professional do your makeup and it will look spectacular!

Here are some helpful tips from our pro:

1. Find an or skin care professional who you trust and begin an open dialogue with them. Many estheticians including myself do complimentary skin consultations.

2. Give yourself enough time. For the best results you’ll want to visit your esthetician multiple times before the big day. The number one mistake I see is; people think they can come in once for a facial right before the wedding day and think that we can erase any concern you might have. It doesn’t work that way! Here are some guidelines to loosely follow:

  1. Acne one should be seen every 2-3 weeks.

  2. Hyper-pigmentation every 3-4 weeks

  3. Basic maintenance and exfoliation every 4-6 weeks.

3. It’s up to you and your esthetician to plan a course of treatments that would be suitable for your skin. I recommend pre-booking all of your appointments so that the last treatment is not to close to the big day but not spaced too far away either. Timing really depends on one's individual skin and the treatments being administered.

4. I recommend extractions: Light non heavy hand extractions should be performed during your course of treatments. If the follicles “pores” remain free of debris, dead skin and oil they will appear smaller for makeup application and for pictures.

5. I recommend light chemical peels; Doing a series of light non invasive peels can be very beneficial for many people and can be a solution for many different skin concerns. Just make sure you trust your esthetician and have the time to find the right one for you. Exfoliating in this way lightens pigmentation, reduces fine lines, helps clear blackheads and acne, and creates an overall youthful even tone. -Amen!

6. I recommend Ultrasonic Microdermabrasion: I consider this my event facial. I usually will couple this with a peel. The results are always impressive. This modality uses ultrasonic sound waves to spin off the dead skin. It’s non abrasive and non invasive. My most sensitive clients can receive it with no issues. You can actually deeply push customized products in to the skin. This treatment is rejuvenating and healing. -Seriously the best! My sun spots, discoloration and pores have faded when getting facials, peels and microdermabrasion!

7. Plan on using professional home care products recommended by your esthetician. Home care products are very important to achieve the best possible results. -Yes! If you’re going to invest in your skin, just like you’ll invest in anything else, make sure you invest in great quality home care products for long lasting results.

Lastly, nothing should be started last minute. Give yourself time, be patient, but trust that if you do the work in taking care of your skin, the results will be unforgettable and you’ll look your best in any occasion.

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