2021! We are ready for YOU!

Hey there! We can't believe that 2020 is done with and a new year has begun. What a crazy roller coaster of a ride it's been! We said bye with ease to 2020! ha!

From the whirlwind of the pandemic, to our weddings being cancelled and/or rescheduled, we have learned to navigate during these uncertain times. We have also tried to keep our business afloat while dealing with personal lives. Kids were/are home, juggling home life, not seeing family, friends, everyone quarantined. It's all been maddening!

Yet, we have also rediscovered how to come together and help each other during difficult times. It seems some of us have learned to be kinder, more patient and understanding. We have learned how to call each other and actually talk (guilty! I never pick up the phone)! We seem to be there for one another, Face-Timing more often to stay connected and we friend zoom often. It seems like hope is not lost and love has remained the focal point!

As we continue to look ahead, what does this new year have in store for us here at Nancy Rice Artistry? Well for one, we look forward to all of our brides and clients this upcoming year. We have a calendar filled with rescheduled brides, new brides, new clients and we are over the moon to service you all! We have and will continue to make sure we keep ourselves and all of you safe by continuing to sanitize all of our products before, during and after each use. We will continue to use disposable items when possible. We also offer the ability to purchase the products used so that you can have them for touch-ups or whenever. We are building our online store too! Wohoo!

So, you'll be able to purchase items throughout the year and at anytime. All of our hair and makeup products will be high-end, professional quality products that are long lasting, hypoallergenic and clean.

What about hair and makeup looks! For 2021, we are looking at clean and beautiful looks like the ones below. Our brides seem to want to look effortless and we love this! Our 24k gold eye masks are an absolute must to keep you feeling radiant, rested and hydrated. All of our brides will receive one with their service. If guests would like to purchase them, they can! Just drop us a note.

Another of our favorite products to keep hydrated and moisturized is the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater. You can also purchase these at anytime! We also love the Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré, Face Cream. It works amazingly well with anyone's skin, doesn't have any stickiness and glides well under makeup! These are especially helpful during the dry seasons or after a long summer break! Keeping the skin hydrated and healthy will always make your makeup look great. The same goes for hair!

If you have any questions or comments or have any products that you absolutely love and would like for us to carry, comment below!

Credits in order left to right: Nancy, Owner/Makeup Artist wearing our 24k gold eye mask, Blancaandbrandonphotography Hair: Annie Makeup: Emily; Laurafordphotos and Event planner: Jacquelinehallgarth Hair: Tara and Jessica Makeup: Nancy and Keema; Vildphotography Hair: Keema Makeup: Nancy; Shelbylizco (photography) and Event planner: The Hytch Hair: Annie Makeup: Nancy; AshJacobsonPhotography and Event Planner: Jalie weddings and events Hair: Annie Makeup: Nancy; Jeramie Lu Photography and Event Planner: Marcellacamile Events Hair: Tara Makeup: Emily; KateStapleton Photography Hair&Makeup: Kristina; The Boundys (Photography) Hair: Annie Makeup: Nancy; Venue: The Ridge Makeup: Nancy

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